The screening of the Best European Science Film was a surprise event, it was not yet known which of the 6 nominees won. The Best European Science Film is chosen yearly by all members of EURASF. As one of the member festivals, InScience hosted the award ceremony this year.

The winner was Dusk Chorus, a documentary from 2016. The film is based on the project “Fragments of Extinction” by David Monacchi. It follows Monacchi as he records sound portraits of the tropical forest of the Amazon. One of the film directors, Alessandro D’Emilia was there to accept the award. He was excited to be at the festival, especially since Dusk Chorus won the InScience Student Jury award the previous year.

It is a perfect combination of art and science. Before the screening started, Alessandro advised: “Don’t just watch the film, listen to it. If you feel it, close your eyes and get immersed. Just don’t fall asleep!” The audience was definitely ready to be immersed in the soundscape of Dusk Chorus.

Dusk Chorus
Based on the long-term project "Fragments of Extinction" by David Monacchi.
1h 2min | Documentary, Drama | 12 September 2018 (USA)

Directors: Nika Saravanja, Alessandro D'Emilia (co-director)
Writer: David Monacchi (Concept and writer)
Star: David Monacchi